Friday, April 20, 2012

The Verdict is In!!

It's been a few Years now but many has forgotten about it, but does anyone remember Casey Anthony trial?? Some of you may and some of you may not. But the other day I was thinking of many things and was thinking of the trials of the lost folks, (sinners) who will face when they are standing Face to Face with God.

What will they say, What will they be thinking, or will they say I am ok. Well folks all I have to say is this, and here is the title of this message.

The verdict is in!!

Well the entire nation it seems....watched a young mother stand in wait before a JUDGE for what seemed an eternity for a verdict that would announce her fate, In the eyes of most, this woman was guilty, guilty, guilty and most likely she is and was!!

But what stuck out to me is "that moment" of waiting for an answer of which she had no idea........what was going through her mind?....."what is My Verdict?" "will I die?" "am I guilty?" "what will I be doing one week from today?" "I'm not a bad person?" "It was an accident?" "I've got away with murder?" "I don't deserve this?" "It was my childhood's fault" It was to be Her moment of reckoning, and man was the world tuned and glued in!!

Couldn't Help but to think of how it's a picture of what is to come for sooooo many lives, having to WAIT for a verdict has got to be excrutiating, I just can't imagine. But I did get to thinking and wondering If People realize that someday they too will have a Verdict Read, that they too will stand before an accuser and a Judge? And this accuser will have had all his ducks in a row, in fact he's master planned their demise and has insured their length of stay ....The Judge will have every idle word on record and even the hidden secret things will be made public. You see, the Bible Says all people who have been given life, are appointed a time to YOU ...

You will have died, You will then be summoned to appear before the Most Supreme of All Courts, You will be called by name and ushered in ....You, Like Casey Anthony ...will be standing before a Judge awaiting an ETERNAL VERDICT.........a Verdict determined by what you did with the Life given you? Did you live for self and sin and pleasure?...Did you Break God's Law's? You've heard of The Ten Commandments Right?....IF Found Guilty there is absolutely only thing that will happen, you will be quickly and resolutely thrown into an eternal holding place of which there is no escape and the Bible says that people there wail and gnash their teeth...wallowing in guilt and shame and torment....

And it won't get any better because at some point you will be thrown into a Lake of Fire of which it will never be quenched and you will find no relief, wishing for all eternity to just exist no more, but were created to live somewhere eternally and unfortunately IF you have been found Guilty ....Your fate is forever sealed and HELL is Your Reward However, there will be those who when they die...they too will be brought before the same accuser and the same Judge.....

They will be ushered in....but standing in front of the Accuser will be one we will call THE ADVOCATE and He's the Greatest Public Defender of All Time ...They will be excused from all Court Proceedings...their case has already been closed!!! "SETTLED OUT OF COURT" A PLEA DEAL WAS WROUGHT

...The Accuser will try and protest...BUT before He can even speak...the Public Advocate will say "Hey Dad (remember the Judge?..that's His Dad)...."Hey Dad, I've brought before You another one of my faithful servants".....The Father will look at His Son, The Accuser will scream "FAITHFUL?" "BUT ...BUT.....I SAW HIM ...I SAW HER...SHE WAS GUILTY of this crime in 1998 or 2007...she was an adulterer, he was a cheat".....but He will be drowned out....

The Father will Only see the Advocate standing in the way....The Judge...will say "well, Well Done...thy good and faithful servant...enter in" The One who will have been Pardoned ...was actually pardoned 2,000 years ago, before they were even born Christ Had already died for them and that person will run with all their might and begin to bow and worship at the feet of Him who's hands and feet were pierced, they will cry great tears and He will dry their tears and stand them to their feet and say "Welcome Home" They will have "no waiting period" for their verdict was handled by THE CROSS....and your verdict can be too.

You see, You can go to that courtroom guilty as you are and take your chances
I'm sure on every account there would be many who could justifiably accuse like they have with Casey..."she's a murderer!" And they would be absolutely right!!! Have you ever lied even Once? "then your a liar", Have you ever lusted at another? Then Your an Adulterer!! Have You ever hated? Then Jesus say's your a MURDERER!!! ...You will be guilty as charged and will DESERVE what you have coming!!!

The Wrath of Almighty God but Here's where I come to You ....Your Guilty...You have no hope in that Courtroom ...but there's someone I'd love to refer you too!!! He's The One who Already Paid Your Fine....2,000 Years ago, He came to this earth because of YOU!!!! He knew you'd need Him, He knew You'd broken the Law. So He came and willfully took what You have coming, He went and was bruised and beaten and scarred and battered, all this before He was then laid upon a Cross, nailed with spikes into His feet and Hands and then Raised Up Publicly for every eye to see him hang in shame FOR YOU!!!

Then 3 days later, after having been laid to rest ....this Man Called Jesus rose from the grave....proving He is The Son of Almighty God, The Way, The Truth and the Life and He told us IF we will believe that ..If we will Confess that ...If we will call upon Him ...He will stand in our place before the accuser and Judge giving us not what we deserve but rather Eternal Life!!!! What is He asking that you would do now? Turn from the Lies, turn from the deceit, turn from sin and turn to Him and be saved!!

So Casey Anthony Stood before an imperfect Court and an Imperfect Judge and may have temporarily gotten away with murder......but this life is but a vapor and someday she will have another court appointment!! I pray she hears this news of Jesus Christ or she will have no hope this time....will you?
The Verdict is Already In!!


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  1. This was said with the truth. Jesus is the only way. amen